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3 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Out Of Sorts These Days

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There’s a lot of energy for us to entertain at the moment; no denying it. We are all charging and changing at a rate that’s not normal for us, so how are we supposed to deal with it?!

I’ve felt like I want to do so much and then come crashing down and notice it’s about taking one step at a time. Due to Germany still being in lockdown, I feel like the pandemic is lasting forever… isn’t it?

As other countries come out of lockdown, this time is hard to not feel out of sorts. Well, we have to focus on the present. Here are three reasons why you’re feeling out of sorts these days and what you can do about it:

Pressure is back

Society pressures came back to life. Essentially, our life inside made us feel like we hit the pause button to a certain extent. Of course, we still had to work, but it was a different way of work.

Now society is trickling its ways back to running again and trying to deal with the virus as it still lives on, we feel the pressure return. Pressure in general is a curse. Pressure is led by society for us to feel like we are under its limitations.

“The pressure is everywhere. Like a thief in the night sparking fright, it takes away every last slice of delight.” - Chill Out and Cheer Up, Grace Grossmann

Stop fighting pressure and befriend it instead. Picture the pressure as a person and disconnect yourself with it this way.

I’ve spoken about personifying emotions before and I’ll say it again (as I do with my well-being coaching clients) - the more you personify an emotion, the more you disconnect with it and become distant from it.

Another way to handle pressure is to question it. Question its existence and execute it by doing so. Question it by asking: What are you doing here? Where did you come from? and Why are you here?

These questions will allow you to tap into your state of awareness and deal with the pressure better.

Another reason why you’re feeling out of sorts these days is that:

Uncertainty is in the air

We all know that everything is changing. With this pandemic, comes uncertainty. Who thought a year ago we would still be here?! Well, we are and it may be worse than ever.

Each day, there’s different news on the news… who can we trust? How do we know who to believe and what the right thing is to do? All these questions culminate and make us feel anxious as uncertainty is in the air. Remember: You are in control of how you feel and you can let this uncertainty come and go, find your flow.

Through doing so, you will notice that:

Change is a constant

We’ve all been through a lot recently, so it’s only normal to be overwhelmed. The last reason why you’re feeling out of sorts these days is that change is a constant.

Every day there is something new to digest, some old habit to throw away. We are pushed to develop and improve ourselves (not saying that’s a bad thing but sometimes it’s too much). One way to let the feeling go is to accept that change is always occurring. Try to flow with it rather than against it.

So there you have it — three reasons why you’re feeling out of sorts these days are:

  1. Change is constant

  2. Uncertainty is in the air 3.

  3. Pressure is back (and always is around)

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