A Christmas story

Picture by: Kira auf der Heide/Unsplash

It's common to say that Christmas is a celebration to spend with your family and with all the people you love. But what happens if you are unable to reach your family for the day?

If we stop for a couple of minutes to think about what is happening in the current climate, because of Covid-19, lockdown and cancelled flights, or for any other reason, there are lots of students that this year will spend Christmas without their families.

For some, this can feel like a tragedy and some may start to panic, but you don't need to! There are lots of ways to celebrate Christmas, for example with friends, or even your lover. Take a breath in and out, and celebrate with your flatmate, see it as an opportunity to get to know each other better. Cook together, put songs on and enjoy the moment.

You are probably thinking, it's not the same as having your family close to you, and this makes sense, but do not forget that is just a temporary situation, and that soon, some normality will be resumed again.

You can hug your family again and spend another Christmas together, maybe next Christmas you will bring your new friend, your flatmate, the person that you're with this Christmas.

There are lots of funny things you and your flatmates can do together, for example, play board or card games, use your PlayStation/Xbox, do karaoke, or even just watch a nice Christmas film with some junk food and a duvet.

Instead of dwelling on the sadness inside you, try to find the Christmas spirit inside you, because you know, when you think positive, everything will become more positive for you.

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