• Aaron Patel

Editor's Letter - January 2021

Mental Magazine editor Aaron Patel. Picture by: Richie Hancox.

Happy New Year!

We are now officially in 2021! 2020 was not a kind year to us but it is safe to say it really did fly by!

I hope everyone is doing well, keeping safe and staying as positive as they can! The world remains a very different and challenging place for the time being, but you have made it this far so please keep your heads up!

Last year was a year of foundation building for us and we got off to a bright start. Launching our website last summer, we have already come a long way and we will always aim high and never stop setting goals. It is with the support of everyone who has read our articles, written for us, and followed us on social media which enables us to strive to be even better!

So, what can you expect from us this year? We have so much to come and with the wonderful team working alongside me, our creativity and ideas are never lacking, so please continue to watch this space. Nothing will be revealed too much as of yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

I'd like to thank the team who work alongside me for giving their all, they are truly a credit to this publication. I would also like to thank all the writers as well, their contributions mean the world to us and they are a pivotal part of the Mental Magazine machine.

For now, I wish everyone a happy new year, please stay safe, and please remember that better days are ahead.



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