• Aaron Patel

Editor's Letter - March 2021

Hi everyone!

It's already March, this year has decided to start passing us by already! I sincerely hope everyone has been keeping well and safe, tough times persist but our resolve remains as strong as ever.

We at Mental Magazine have made a strong start to 2021, more writers continue to join our evergrowing team of talent, more fantastic content, and of course amazing support from you, the wonderful readers.

Just the other day we hit 1,500 followers on Instagram! Again I would like to thank Filippo Ceccanibbi for his wizardry work with our social media presence. He makes all of the wonderful graphics that grace our pages. I would also like to thank Holly Allison for her continued hard work on the website, a true workhorse who has been with the publication since day one giving her all.

As always I want to thank the writers for their commitment and for being awesome people. We could not have asked for a better team of writers, but I am so glad we have such an established team, we simply cannot wait for their work every single week.

This month is a busy one, so expect a lot of content from us! So keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels as always.

Please remember to follow the current government guidelines, stay safe and more importantly remember that better days are ahead. We will get through this together.



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