• Aaron Patel

Editor's Letter - May 2021

Hello everyone!

I hope you have been keeping well and safe during this time! As things appear to resume some normality, I hope you have enjoyed a bit of freedom while you can!

First and foremost, thank you to the brilliant core and writers team! They have been amazing to work with and we would not be where we are without them. It is truly humbling to work with a talented group of people. I cannot wait for the future, we are capable of achieving so much more, the sky is the limit for us all here at Mental Magazine!

Secondly, thank you to all of our wonderful readers! You are the reason we continue to work hard and produce the best content we possibly can! Every article view and every follow and like on social media means the absolute world to us. We promise to keep doing our best to be better every single day. We are here to educate and inform students and create awareness for mental health.

We have an exciting month ahead! From May 10th to 16th, it is mental health awareness week! There will be loads of content from our brilliant writers, so please keep your eyes out for that. Also, we have some exciting plans for our social media channels, ways in which you can engage and get involved with us!

There are also some exciting things happening behind the scenes but we won't let you know just yet! In the coming months, there will be some exciting things to come, we cannot wait to show you all what we have in-store!

Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who has been part of this project and to everyone who has supported us. I don't believe these words are enough to show my gratitude, so I promise we will make this project and its future something you can all be proud of.

Please keep your heads up, nothing lasts forever and these trying will not! Let's all stick together and remember that better days are ahead.