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Five important things I have learnt this year

Photo By: Ian Taylor/Unsplash

No one could have predicted that we would be living under the circumstances we have this year. But amidst the uncertainty, I am glad to be able to share what I have learnt throughout all of this. Here are five important things I have learnt this year!

1. Talk to your friends and check on them regularly

This is vital regardless of the pandemic but the situation only underlined just how important this really is. While we are unable to meet up with mates to hang out and have a laugh, we have to remember that we still have other ways of keeping in touch. Zoom calls have become the norm across the world when it comes to speaking to friends and family.

I believe that the fabric of life is friendship and it is vital to always remember that. Through these challenging times as well it is important to check up on your mates to see how they are doing. A Whatsapp message or phone call can go a long way in making someone's day.

Staying in touch with friends will remind you that you're not alone and that you will get through these days with support. Remember: we are all in this together and we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Creating a schedule helps balance your day

During the early stages of the first lockdown here in the UK, it's safe to say we were all left stunned and shocked. Our world had been changed drastically like we had never seen it before, leaving many of us lost and bewildered at the situation.

Personally, I too felt very lost and have no idea what to do with myself for the first four weeks. Despite finishing my undergraduate course during that time, I was lost if I was not doing my coursework.

However, I was eventually able to finally establish a schedule in my head; wake up at a reasonable time, work, eat, etc. This really helped me become more at ease with the situation and allowed me to power on to finish my undergraduate course come early June.

3. Trying new things and being creative is awesome!

A lot of us have been forced to think outside of our creative box this year. At first, that was not something I thought I was capable of but I came to surprise myself in the end. Being creative has no boundaries or limits!

During the summer I wanted to start a side project but was unsure of what exactly I wanted to do. After some research I came to the conclusion of starting a podcast! why? because it cost nothing and was easy to do!

Creativity is subjective to the individual and once you have found your stride, you'll be well on your way. Channelling your creative side is much easier than you think so give it a go!

4. Returning to hobbies you stopped tending to is refreshing

Prior to starting university three years ago, I was absolutely obsessed with studying football tactics. For a large part of my teenage years, it was all I did when I was at home. However, once I started university that quickly became a thing of the past.

During the long stint indoors I decided to revisit that hobby and it was something I had no trouble getting back into. I enjoyed it so much that I have even carried on with it and a few nights a week I'll continue my own studies into the dynamics of football tactics.

It's worth returning to an old hobby just to see if the shoe still fits!

5. Despite everything you have to remain positive!

It's been a bleak year for everyone, we really have felt it and there's no sugar-coating it. But the one tool we all have is positivity and we must remember to use it as much as we can and not let go of it.

Nothing lasts forever and the same goes for the current situation. These days will pass and we have to remember that everyday we wake up and go about our daily lives.

Together we will get through these days with added power of positivity. Live everyday with a positive mentality and you will feel your mentality reap the rewards!

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