In The Same Boat

Sit with yourself,

Feel the rocking back and forth.

The flesh feels uncomfortable but sit anyway.

The devil makes work for idle hands, your mother used to say, but just sit with it. Being busy is morally neutral. For this moment we will be still and ride the storm.

Let the emotion wash through you like a body of water.

Sit with no reaction, no distraction. Let yourself feel it.

Study the thought behind the emotion, thoughts trigger emotions, what was the thought?

What created the droplets of rain that contributed to the black cloud above the head? Explore the stentorian pain, the storm inside the heart. That crackle of thunder that paralyses the lungs.

A tornado of trauma, tormenting the stomach. Generating waves, churning and crashing. So hungry but never for food. Always nauseous with no relief.

Close those tired eyes and feel it.

Then let it go.

Let the cloud burst and the rain pour.

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