Lockdown Learning: Guitar

Picture by: Jacek Dylag/Unsplash

We can all probably agree life in lockdown (1, 2 or 3!) has been boring and a horrible experience for most. No matter how much work or studying you got done during the weeks in isolation, it has still affected all our lives and our moods. In an attempt to perk myself up a bit during this latest lockdown I’ve picked up a new skill. Playing the guitar.

I was stuck in a rut during each lockdown, seeing my shifts cut at work to a couple of times a week from 5-6 times a week, this left me with a lot of time to spare. While I work for Mental Magazine and go to university full time, I was still left with a lot of time to spare. There are only so many video games to play.

This rut of class, gaming, working day in day out was killing me. I needed something else to occupy my time. So I decided to relearn how to play the guitar.

During my time at secondary school eight years ago I used to play guitar (albeit not very well), and during a clear-out in the house I found my old acoustic guitar.

It’s taken me a long while, but I’m at a stage where I can now play a couple full length songs. I won’t pretend I’m the best, and probably am far from it, but teaching myself has given me something to look forward to each day. And something to be proud of.

Spending 15 minutes a day doing something different each day was all it took to increase my mood, while some days I went overboard and needing to take breaks for a couple of days due to blisters, it helped in a way nothing else had.

With lockdown restrictions easing towards the end of the month and throughout the spring months into the summer, I hope to keep it up. Spending 15 minutes a day sitting and relaxing playing some music.

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