Never Have I Ever

Have you ever had drinks at a friend’s

Then been told it’s too late to walk home alone?

You tell them ‘it’s fine, I've done it before,

I'll call my sister, as I walk, on my phone.’

Have you ever been taught to keep keys in your pocket,

Keep one headphone out, cover your drink in a club?

‘Make sure your phone is charged,

Never leave the group, even if it’s for grub.’

Have you ever had to think twice?

About whether you’re showing too much skin?

Whether to have that extra shot

Or finish that bottle of gin?

Have you ever had to look over your shoulder?

As you walk briskly but not run?

Wondering whether there is someone behind you

Tonight was supposed to be fun.

Chances are you haven’t

And lucky you

Because you are a man

And we wish we were too.

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