10 minute Time Out!

Photo By: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

10 minutes. A simple 10 minutes. Doesn't seem long but taking ten minutes out of a long, busy day for yourself can really make a difference.

In the hectic pace of the life that we live in, we often find ourselves even admitting out loud that we haven't had time to eat, shower or even reply to messages to loved ones. In a 10 minute time out you could eat something to top up your depleting energy levels, you could have a quick shower if you're at home to feel more refreshed to face the busyness of the day ahead.

If you're out and about, you could find a bench, pop your headphones on and listen to music or zone out with a podcast. Get round to checking your emails to see if you have overlooked something important. For me, deadlines seem to creep up on me without realising it's due sooner than I had noticed. Or even respond to texts that you believe you've replied to but got so caught up with your surroundings that the idea entered your mind then simply faded away into the background.

There are so many ways to connect and communicate with others in the 21st century and yet communication can easily become lax or breakdown, quite ironic don't you think?! These things all sound so trivial and common sense-wise but with all the latest changes to our lives thanks to the pandemic, it helps to re-evaluate the basics!

A little message of well-wishes can go a long way towards feelings of gratitude and being humble, and you never know, your message could perk up someone who's feeling under pressure with a simple "Hey, how are you?" certainly can change my day around that's for sure. Bogged down with paperwork smothering my desk and the phone ringing so much you feel it's a new song on the radio, a little message can come through and I stop for a second to simply smile.

My 10 minute time out for me is at lunch. I find somewhere quiet and read through messages and respond (before I forget!) and if all is well, I'll put the phone down and listen to the radio. Days off can feel a bit easier to partake in a time out; if your days off are just as non-stop as your other days of work or studying, still give it a go!

For my time out I also do the following:

  • Read a chapter of a book

  • A brisk walk around the block - if the sun's out, added bonus!

  • If at home I'll have a shower, put washing on or any little household task that is waiting to be tackled. Quite surprising how much you can accomplish in ten tiny minutes.

So wherever you are and whatever you do with your days, I recommend you try and find 10 minutes to take time out, zone out and catch up with yourself.

**I also recommend you look up on Youtube: Fearne Cotton's Happy Place podcasts, which can be relatable to some and helpful to others. **