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The Journey To Sobriety And Self Understanding For Author Lucy Sheffield

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Everyone's journey to mindfulness is different, no two people share a similar route. Some journeys are longer than others and for Lucy Sheffield, a children's book author, it's fair to say her journey is certainly an interesting one that involved a major career change.

Originally from the Midlands but now living in Devon, Lucy Sheffield's humble beginnings as an author goes back to her school days. "I hated school but the one thing I always loved was English. I think it was the way I was able to express and I think that was some kind of outlet,"

However, upon her arrival in Devon, where she initially relocated to set up a business called Dare2bu with her aunt and sister. But once she had moved south of the country, she began to struggle. "When we moved I really struggled because I felt like I didn't fit in." Sheffield also admitted that she lost her way. But after receiving support from her aunt and sister, she able to finally realise what she wanted to do and that was write. "I love to write! and that was what I wanted to do! I wanted to be a writer, an author and help others with their writing."

Sheffield has already published one book and is currently working on a second book as of this writing. She has also hosted workshops and do one to one coaching for other aspiring authors. "I essentially spend all my days doing stuff around writing," said Sheffield.

Sheffield was very open about her struggles with alcohol in the past, whilst also having a hard time coming to terms with her sexuality. "When I was about 14 I fell in love with my English and obviously she was a woman,"

However, Sheffield's upbringing was heavily leaned on by religion and this affected her way of processing her feelings at the time. "We were told we couldn't drink, we couldn't smoke, we couldn't have tattoos, we couldn't have piercings, we couldn't fall in love with women," those thoughts prevented her from walking her own path but she knew something did not feel right.

"I got into the drink, I met some friends who were a couple of years older and we'd go out drinking and go out clubbing, it felt like I fit in," by the time Sheffield was in her early 20s she fell in love with her best friend and it was a feeling she couldn't handle. She then moved to Spain along with her aunt but she felt as if she was able to be herself.

As of this writing, Sheffield is just over a year sober. After a 24 year-long battle with alcohol, it was a spiritual path that helped her transform. "I'd seen my aunty change and go through some stuff and asked her to help me,"

Whilst she was in a relationship, she noticed that alcohol made her verbally abusive and changed her so she started to understand herself more, starting to realise she was someone who could love rather than hate. However, it was not an easy prospect to stop drinking.

"I had built a character around this fun Lu that is a pisshead, she drinks and all that kind of stuff," she also admitted that upon moving to Devon her splitting up from her partner, her drinking had got worse.

Then towards the end of 2019, alcohol was still prominent in her life during another relationship of hers, this is when she decided to make a serious change for herself. Once that relationship was over, she then took the first steps into quitting alcohol. "I would have not quit the drink had we not split up,"

Writing has been therapy for Sheffield and that comes with creating her stuff as well as teaching other people. "I coach and I like to coach, the woman who coaches me gives me reflective questions every week and I love it!"

Sounding off with her wonderful wisdom, Sheffield provided words of encouragement, for those currently going through tough times.

"We're born whole and complete, we're born with everything we need, we're born resilient and it's about looking deep inside of ourselves and if it about realising that if we face those struggles that seem so difficult and hard, if we move towards that resistance, if we're brave enough I can absolutely tell you we can see the magic on the other side of the brick wall that seems so scary."

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