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The Life Of A Mother And Her School Children During Lockdown

Picture by: Thought Catalog/Unsplash

With schools closed for the time being, millions of children are now sitting in zoom calls to attend classes. The circumstances present challenges across the board, but for the parents of school children, it can be a juggling act between work and school all in place.

Business owner Debbie, who has spent almost a year working from home, once again has the responsibility of her children at home on top of her workload. Now in a third lockdown, she admitted that the first lockdown last March was easier: "The first lockdown was a lot easier to deal with as my husband was at home and was furloughed for part of it, so I had additional support,"

For some families, the challenge is having the right resources for their children to attend online classes. But for Debbie, dealing with clients and ensuring her kids get the right dose of education, but not sitting in front of a screen all day is a challenge for her. "The biggest challenge I have with the circumstances at the minute is trying to strike a balance between my own work/clients and teaching my kids/making sure they aren't stuck in front of screens all day."

The announcement to close schools came along with plans for a national lockdown. Regular reviews take place to assess the current situation, however, it appears as if these restrictions are going to be in place for a while. This is where schools, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he wants schools to reopen "as soon as possible".

Debbie's children's school plans to re-open soon but she isn't sure if it will actually happen. "Our school is aiming to open in February, although whether this happens remains to be seen."

The UK's vaccine is well underway, targeting the most vulnerable groups. However, there has been an argument that teachers should be on the priority list. Debbie believes there should be more support for schools to remain open, which includes having teachers vaccinated.

"I think more support should be provided for schools to allow them to remain open. This could be support for more teachers or ensuring that teachers were classed as a priority when it comes to the vaccine."

Whilst we continue to live through this challenging and uncertain time, we have to do our utmost to remain positive and take things one step at a time, just as Debbie is. "Personally I am taking each day as it comes, not making many plans and hoping for a positive outcome at some point this year."

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