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The Top 10 Mental Health Podcasts

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Despite the UK now beginning to ease lockdown from April and look to a hopefully less restricted and more positive future, many of us will still be working or studying at home for the time being.

Despite having a job that allows me to work wherever I want and not necessarily in the office, it can still be difficult to remain focused when you’re working from your dining room table and not a funky coffee shop in town.

There’s something about being at home for everything, be it work, exercise or leisure that makes it difficult to not get distracted. The quietness of the room can almost lead you to lose concentration, whereas a busy café environment genuinely helps me focus.

This period has been the period of the podcast. Many I’ve found helpful in either listening to when I’m working on a new brief at home or zoning out to when I’m getting my daily walk around the block, and they’ve been insightful, informative and calming.

A new report* by PowWowNow reveals the best mental health podcasts for ultimate productivity. PowWowNow analysed mental health podcasts from the iTunes library. Each podcast was given a score between 0-3, taking the number of episodes, overall star rating, and several reviews into account.

These metrics were then combined and equally weighted to create the rankings. The top 10 mental health podcasts can be seen below:

Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development & Minimalism

Thought invoking and thoroughly informative, each episode is dedicated to a different theme from achieving success in business to rearranging your schedule to induce better sleep.

Sleep With Me

Hosted twice-weekly, Sleep With Me has been featured in major news publications like the New York Times and the New Yorker and for good reason. It’s one of the most popular podcasts to listen to in order to drop off to stories told in flat tones!

The Minimalists Podcast

I absolutely love The Minimalists Podcasts. Each episode is quite simply fascinating, with minimalistic titles focusing on one topic at a time. From relationships to religion; sadness to successful people and trauma to spring clutter, anything you’ve been thinking about is in this podcast. The ultimate aim is to encourage people to live more meaningful lives by caring less about the things that simply take up extra energy.

The Ross Bolen Podcast

Ross Bolen and co host Jared Borislow are not only intelligent, but humorous and their podcast is quite hard to stop listening to. I really like the range of topics they’ve covered, and Ross has been really influential in spreading awareness of mental health problems, whilst staying on topic throughout.

Daily Meditation Podcast

The Daily Meditation Podcast has been popular for a while and features structured and varied meditations to listen to whether that’s after a stressful day at work or simply to ease you into a more peaceful state before sleeping. Mary’s voice is extremely calming and the music used also helps to soothe you, whilst you listen to positive affirmations and breathing techniques to help you deepen your relaxation state.

Mental Illness Happy Hour

You want a podcast that focuses on bringing awareness to mental health in every aspect? Then you’ve come to the right place, because that’s exactly what happens in Mental Illness Happy Hour. Covering a vast array of topics from sexual assault, divorce, addiction and mental illness in general, it’s been a blessing to relate to other people’s stories and realise you’re not alone in how you’re feeling.

Sober Cast: An (unofficial) Alcoholics Anonymous Podcast AA

Whilst I can’t personally relate to that of alcohol addiction, this particular podcast provides an important insight into AA meetings, stories of hope and persistence which I think is important to be aware of.

The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast

I really like the emphasis on psychology this podcast provides; giving the listener a really deep understanding into how their mind works. Some of the most recent episodes have been fascinating and really insightful, particularly the one dedicated to dealing with internet trolls, a problem becoming unfortunately more common in our modern day society.

New Mindset, Who Dis?

We’ve all had to find different ways to remain positive during a tough year and through a transition from freedom to difficult but necessary restrictions. The podcast host Case Kennedy has this amazing ability to help bring you out of the dumps and positively change your mindset. You know that go-to friend you approach when you’re having a nasty breakup, or you’re struggling with knowing how to keep your motivation up? Kennedy is that friend who gives you great advice; who encourages you to make changes to feel better about yourself and habits to incorporate into your life.

Therapy for Black Girls

This podcast creates a safe and informative space for women of colour; where topics are timely, discussed openly and without prejudice or bias. Even if you’re not black, this is still a relevant and engaging podcast to listen to, with black women providing expertise and advice over a vast array of topics and helping you broaden your knowledge on certain issues.

Which are your favourite mental health podcasts?

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