What Comes After Graduation?

Student at graduation ceremony
Photo By: MD Duran/Unsplash

Coming to the end of my university degree I’ve realised how much of my life has been supported for me.

From school to now, my academic results have meant I’ve been really fortunate to take the next step when I wanted to and go wherever I wanted to. Now I’m leaving the comfort of my campus, the three years I’ve studied here and the 16 years of education I’ve been in overall from a child is an extremely overwhelming feeling when looking out into the adult world.

All the jobs I’ve had till now are part-time and never seen as permanent so trying to win over companies to hire me fresh out of a degree has a large amount of anxiety attached that I haven’t had to feel in a long time.

There’s a huge amount of stress to know a career after university, but I barely feel ready to finish this phase of my life. Sometimes I feel like this is an extremely large jump in life as people move again and worry the friends and relationships I’ve made might change as it's normal to drift apart from friends.

But this is something I’m coming to terms with and know I’ll just have to make as much effort as I can to keep my friends close and I’m confident they will do the same. It will be strange when I can’t just go to the library when I want for their company and laughs. With the pandemic meddling with plans, the fact that this part of my life is closing is even harder to come to terms with as I haven’t gained a full experience of final year.

I’m sure everyone can remember wanting to grow up quicker than they were and I was exactly the same. However, now I’m here I just want to go back to being a child again and I wish I had never wanted that so much when I was little.

Even the tiny details I now realise my parents were dealing with that I always took for granted without another thought, I have to do. Luckily, I still have some time to make the end of this university year memorable and as nervous as I am to see what comes next, it’s mixed with excitement as this chapter finishes but another starts.

*As of this writing, I have just been offered an amazing job! I was extremely nervous since I haven’t had a job interview in four years and I struggle with rejection as I always want to do my best, I am truly my own worst critic. But this time was not the case and after writing this and receiving this news things are starting to fall into place, so life doesn’t seem all too muddled after my term ends, but just an extension of all the great things that have happened to me.