Women’s Freedoms

A woman holds up a sign at the protest against the Governments Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill in Parliament Square on the 15th March 2021. Picture by: Filippo Ceccanibbi.

As we celebrate world poetry day I awoke this morning feeling quite sad about recent events and the fact that we are still as women not entirely free and still have to fight for our equality.

Of course, I know plenty of decent men, but I have had bad experiences with ones who have left with CPTSD and intimacy issues. I feel it’s important to speak out about these things, the suffragettes who fought tirelessly for our rights as women.

Yet women are paid less than men, as we are still expected to have menial jobs as well as look after the children? There is still a definite divide. Where do men get these ideas from? The media and their own patents. I find the only way to change things is by educating the next generation of young men.

My boyfriend is a gentleman and respectful towards me, however, plenty are not. It’s a shame in today’s day and age that we still have to fight for this right, surely it should be basic common sense? I, as a woman despite my mental health issues am respectful towards all men, children and animals. I think it the future there will be more of a fight for this right. However, more than 100 years after the original suffragettes this is sad to see.

What kind of world are we creating for our kids? If all they want is material objects? To get a woman and mistreat her? Because it looks cool for the lads. I’ve had a lad's lad kind boyfriend, he was horrible. So now I think in the future we need to work on educating the next generation and improving the knowledge that men have of women and learn to respect us. For we are not some sex object, but human beings.

Women’s fight

Women’s fight, it is a right

To not be afraid Walking home at night

We do not want a fright.

The days of the ripper long gone

Except we have not changed

We need to feel safe and as one

Why can’t the good guys keep us safe?

Across Clapham Common poor Sarah walked,

Then a copper murdered her?

We need to reignite the suffragettes

Things haven’t changed.

So much for equality

When you can’t even report rape?

Those poor women traumatised

By a broken system

A broken state

So please why won’t you keep us safe?

It’s a women’s right

We don’t want to have to fight

Without this foresight

Samantha Mansi 21.3.21

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